Aching Music

Offering playlists to feel and dance in the moment, so you don't have to decide.

For your days and nights to feel and dance in the moment. Playlist inspired from the artists behind the making of Aching Beauty.

Reshaping our inner world: to feel and dance in the moment under boring blue skies, while sheltered from wild winds, on cold rainy nights, and for the cells of your entire form. 

Francesco Gallé
Meet the artistFRANCESCO GALLÉ The Italian artist whose watercolour and ink illustrations paint the pages of Aching Beauty, creating a[...]
Charlyne Thorn
Meet the artistCHARLYNE THORNThe Swiss photographer with an eye for design that shaped the pages of Aching Beauty, framing the words and[...]
Remy Perrin
Meet the artistREMY PERRINThe composer and audio engineer that tuned in to the book Aching Beauty, producing a nuanced quality[...]
Katharine Beaton
Meet the artistKATHARINE BEATONThe Canadian poet and eagle eye editor that polished the words of Aching Beauty for a smooth[...]
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