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Need to get in touch with a question? Flag a typo? (I'm human.) Send a kind word? You can mail me at I do read all emails and respond where appropriate. A clear subject line will help expedite things. Please be patient — no need to "follow up" on emails you've already sent. Thank you!

If you're a client and haven't gotten a response in 24-48 hours, it's because I haven't received your email. In which case, please call me at the number below.

+1 647 876 6856
(I live in the Eastern Time Zone, Toronto, Canada. Please check the time before calling.)

Regular Mail

Address: (secret number) private residence in Bloorcourt Village, Toronto, M6H 2Z1, Canada.

I don’t currently accept unsolicited mailings. If you’re interested in sending a note or an analog item, please check in via email first — I will get back to you if it's of interest.

Press Enquiry

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