Welcome To My World

Hi, I'm Giuseppe, Winnipeg born, living in Toronto. I operate a creative-run bodycare company of one for distinctive people. Where never is one ingredient more important than the other.

But unlike many beauty brands that peddle dubious promised fixes to turn back time, alongside adverts of younger models that all look the same with plump, creaseless skin, enchanting us to look alike. Or selling potions, bloated with too many ingredients, and then to highlight only one or two that are significant. 

I take an alternative approach, and make plant-rich formulas for skin and scent. To instead embrace our lives and aging as we mature, a personal process unique to each of us. But where every ingredient has a purpose, to nourish and protect –– plus be a sensuous experience.

First, I'd like to point out that I believe unequivocally that every realm of human creative endeavour can show us a way to ourselves; to guide us, to nourish our minds and moods. So along with making bodycare to nourish and protect, a project in the pipeline is a blog I'll author named, The Library, where intimacy, pleasure and creativity are the goals.

As a shift from the beard and beauty culture that primarily focus on the body aesthetic. I go deep, past the dermis to the marrow, with articles that deliver a stimulating view of everyday life and other things, delivered straight to your inbox in a calm, entertaining, reassuring, sane voice – because few of us manage to be these things very much of the time.

Next, my aim is to work with individuals who are kind and discerning. Embrace life-long learning and development plus never wanting to be everything to everybody, but instead offer only the very best of themselves to an exciting few.

Finally, this site will evolve and mature, parts of it will change and improve (like this page and the About page to be more about you, than me) and pages added. 
But look around and consider subscribing to my newsletter, so we can keep in touch.



I'd like to welcome you to my world with a song from Inner City, Good Life.