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An introduction to Giuseppe de Caria

In harmony with beauty

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do things a little differently.

Welcome to Giuseppe de Caria, a creatively-run bodycare company of one. In this intro, I look into ancient sculptures and their sensual history, then set our sights on the present to face our future, handsome mortal selves while we peer at broader horizons, go into my philosophy, and a refreshing, pleasurable way forward. All revealed in less than a 3 minute read, below.
Photograph by Thomas Branconier titled "... or flight"

For centuries,
ancient sculptures were scrubbed clean of any vibrant skin tones or hair colour by museum curators and archaeologists. This was in order to present a white marble form, instead of the artisans’ original creations which were nuanced, eye-catching, and even flawed. Today, not every mortal is set on scrubbing out the colours of an adventurous life that glows from the lines and marks on their handsome faces and bodies, as a Roman sculpture was wiped clean of its sensual history.

But many beauty brands are still obsessed with eternal youth, and it is this skin-deep point of view that has become the curator of our days and nights. It announces that we could make a better appearance, but only if we hide or rid ourselves of troublesome imperfections.

These same labels also advertise using young models, all similarily looking, built like gods, heroes or nymphs, and without a single wrinkle or scar on their faces or bodies. Behind all the potions and processes that these brands peddle, it seems like their strategy is similar to those archaeologists that penned some of the stories of ancient discoveries—to market a misleading narrative.

If you’re curious, like I am, join me in rethinking of our personal history and choosing to look past the glossy adverts of “looking young forever” campaigns displayed online, in magazines and on billboards. This is where I’m heading. Plus, finding out how to carry on smiling all day for good measure. 

Searching for a different viewpoint motivated this examination
It’s a familiar message, but we need to think back to when our bodies began to transform and develop a new rhythm. In our teens, when we still had plump, smooth but blemished skin. When the person we got a glimpse of in our steamed up mirror while we scrubbed our faces clean was our inner warrior (not our inner demon, the other one we dance with). Our inner warrior who displayed strength without sacrificing tenderness, stared back at us, and said, in so many words: To look our best, we need to feel comfortable in our own skin. Difficult to realize then, but now we’re older than we’ve ever been, and we’re still unsure how to fulfill that feeling.

A solution does exist in the principles of design language
When simplicity, purity and practicality work in harmony, a product functions beautifully, and so it ages gracefully through time without the fuss of excessive care. Among the persistent hum of possibilities and inspiration that our relationships and surroundings bring, here exists the formula for self-care. Together, it gives the feeling and finish our bodies are longing for throughout our days and nights. With just the right amount of attention and motivation we need to enjoy life as we mature.

So should formulations
for skin and scent be designed
Where every ingredient has a purpose—not a low-quality promise that you’ll look twenty again—to purely nourish, satisfy our senses, and cheer us up with a dab or a spritz. Not bog us down with details and impractical steps and worry that we’re doing it all wrong. Especially at the start of our day, when our sunny personalities are struggling to wake up while cuddling our partner or enjoying coffee and croissants in bed. Or winding down after a long, hard day with our favourite companion or with a glass of wine.

As well as tuning in to our relationships and surroundings
On the way to feeling more comfortable in our own skin, the vision of our real self sharpens, and our bodies are grateful. Revealing our distinguishing features adds a refreshing beat, steadies the rhythm in our bones and fine tunes our senses. Together, our form moves in an exacting harmony, so we can function beautifully and simply, effortlessly aging gracefully like a Patek Philippe watch. Sidestepping the fear of painful aging and death, which is what Geras the Greek God symbolized.

Combine it with lifelong learning and development, plus never wanting to be everything to everybody (let’s not forget a spritz of our favourite fragrance to lift our spirits), is a long-lasting formula to offer the very best of our selves to an exciting few. 

Join me in experiencing this refreshing and satisfying lifestyle

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