Limited Edition Botanical Body Oil

Be suspended in a cocoon of sensations 

A nourishing oil that supports the skin with its own reinventions to renew itself, allowing you to connect to an entire sensory universe while you let go through touch. 

A determinedly creative body care studio from Toronto 

Small batch, organic, limited-edition. Body oil and fragrance blended a few times per year.

Hand-blended and bottled-to-order botanical formulations where every ingredient has a purpose––not bloated with a long string of "natural" ingredients––to purely nourish, satisfy our senses, and cheer us up with a dab or a spritz. Plus, to complement your days and nights, along with the people, pets, and settings that matter most to you. Read on below to find out more.

Photograph by Thomas Branconier -

About the body oil and fragrance

So glad you're here. Let's start with body oil blends. They're 100 per cent raw oils from fruit and vegetable kernels, seeds, and nuts. Vibrant and nourishing, leaving the skin hydrated with a smooth finish.

Plus fragrance, blends of pure essential oils from grasses, roots, woods, leaves, flowers, rinds, tree resin, to guide the nose with raw, unorthodox aromas, that lasts for hours on the skin.

These formulations are made in limited quantities to ensure commitment to quality. The botanicals and essential oils come from small farms in North America, Europe, Australia, South Asia, and trees hundreds of years old from the Mediterranean. Grown in biodynamic or organic soils. Or ethically wildcrafted from the wild and oceans.

But crop yields can go up or down from inclement weather. It's why I turn to different farms occasionally for ingredients, not certified organic, classified as conventional. Still, these are organic farms that are dedicated to the health and longevity of their surroundings and soil, plants and animals.

And yes, the waiting list is now open. Spaces are very limited but when you're ready, click the button 'Join the waiting list' below.

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