Privacy Notice
Keeping your visits here private and for your eyes only.

I'd like to begin this privacy notice by saying that I hold my cause close to my chest. But believe you likely do, too. And that we like to lead private, quiet everyday lives, especially of our comings and goings. Including, not wanting to be followed and sold to at every corner we turn and at every shop we pop into, especially true when we're surfing online.

Next, what personal information about customers do I, at Giuseppe de Caria gather?
As you may already know, many companies keep track of your visits on their commercial sites by using a free tool, like Google Analytics, that collect gobs of personal data by which they probably don't need. Given that it's free to use, companies like Google convert that data, to monetize your tastes and preferences, selling them to advertisers.

This website isn't tracking your tastes and preferences. Instead, I take a privacy-focused approach, where I don't collect cookies or personal data. This means this site is GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant. 

To summarize what these privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA mean: they were put into place to protect website visitors from their personal information being tracked, stored, shared and sold. In essence, digitally blind-folding the gods of the internet from spying on us, without our permission.

What website tracking technology do I use to keep your visits here private?
I switched to Fathom from Google Analytics. A privacy-focused web analytics company that doesn't sell data, they sell software, which I'm happy to pay for. Fathom's premise and promise is to keep your privacy safe, they made their program completely and purposefully anonymous. This means, I don't need to display those pesky cookie notices as I don't use cookies, nor do I track invasive data.

What I, at Giuseppe de Caria collects
Given that I take a non-invasive approach, all I need to run this trading site is too see how many visitors I get and from which country, what the most popular pages are. No personal data is collected. Your visit to this site remains anonymous.

I'd be delighted to receive testimonials from you, of your great experiences with me. I will review them before placing it on any marketing literature including my website and will only use your name, company, screenshots of your website, URL. Should you wish for your testimonial to be removed please let me know using the contact details provided below.

Finally, here's a summary of what I said above
I, Giuseppe de Caria at knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and I appreciate your trust that I will do so carefully and sensibly. This notice describes my privacy policy. By visiting, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Contact Information
For any further information please email me at

My website address is

PS. Just one more thing before you exit this dry privacy page. Below, is a song from Jamie Woon, Robots. I hope you enjoy it.  

Get on board
If you run a website, consider Fathom, to protect your visitors personal data. But if you decide to get on board, this link will give you $10 credit when you sign up to Fathom, and in return, I get a 25% lifetime commission for as long as you're a subscriber. Or simply skip that link and go directly to Fathom, to switch to a privacy-focused business.