Body Oil

Habitual Love

A botanical hydrating oil enhanced with full spectrum, natural vitamin E complex and a nourishing blend of raw oils from fruit and vegetable kernels, seeds, and nuts, that soften skin, hand-blended and bottled-to-order.

Skin feel
intensely hydrated and supple in as little as a minute
(bergamot rind, tobacco leaf, vetiver root) 
slighty sweet, soft smokey, warm woody unorthodox scent that brings a lasting aroma to skin.


argan kernel oil*, jojoba seed oil*, pomegranate seed oil*, tamanu nut oil*, full spectrum natural vitamin E complex* (D-alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and tocotrienols), aroma (a blend of 100% pure essential oils), citral*°, limonene**. 
*certified organically grown
°ethically wildcrafted
**naturally occurring

Canada wide via Canada Post. Item will take approx five days to ship.

You may email me within thirty days for a complete refund (minus shipping costs).

How to use
Massage into clean, warm skin from top to toe, concentrating on dry skin patches. 

Medium-weight oil
Skin type
All tones, plus dry, oily, combination, (for lack of a better word) 'normal'

Amber-green hue comes from the natural ingredients; contains ultra-fine nourishing vegetal particulate matter from Tamanu oil.  

Tactile wellbeing
One bottle to engage the skin

Though recommended as a daily formulation to intensely hydrate skin almost immediately, Habitual Love body oil is all that's required whenever the search is on to reinvigorate a wide spectrum of human feeling through self-massage or a romance-enhancing massage––the companion guide below is a helpful starting point.

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Some nice words from others

'Love it. The photos are indicative of the beauty behind the product design - keeping it raw and natural like the art surrounding your product campaign provides. Beauty meets nature and purity. Can't get any better than that and glad you're sticking to it. Been using the body oil lately and it's nothing short of making my skin feel and smell beautiful, by the way.'

Daniel Anthony

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