Limited edition, 33 available

Habitual Love

A botanical hydrating oil enhanced with full spectrum, natural vitamin E complex and a nourishing blend of raw oils from fruit and vegetable kernels, seeds, and nuts, hand-blended and bottled-to-order.

Skin feel
intensely hydrated and supple in as little as one minute
(bergamot rind, tobacco leaf, vetiver root) 
slighty sweet, soft smokey, warm woody 

argan kernel oil*, jojoba seed oil*, pomegranate seed oil*, tamanu nut oil*, full spectrum natural vitamin E complex* (D-alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and tocotrienols), aroma (a blend of 100% pure essential oils), citral*°, limonene**. 
*certified organically grown
°ethically wildcrafted
**naturally occurring
Canada wide via Canada Post. Item will take approx five days to ship.
You may email me within thirty days for a complete refund (minus shipping costs).

How to use
Massage into clean, warm skin from top to toe, concentrating on dry skin patches. 

Medium-weight oil
Amber, deep green

Ceremonial escapades
One bottle for every inch of your body

Though recommended as a daily formulation to intensely hydrate skin almost immediately, Habitual Love body oil is all that's required for whenever the search is on to reinvigorate a wide spectrum of human feeling through self-massage or a romance-enhancing massage. 

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