Photo from Divine Haliburton: A wild traveller's guide for days spent in pursuit of nothing at all. Written and published by Giuseppe de Caria.

Potent and portable and coming soon

Habitual Love roll-on fragrance

Inspired by its namesake body oil, a botanical aroma from grasses, roots, woods, and rinds, to transport you to your coveted sensorial escape.

About this perfume

Habitual Love's newest addition is a functional travel essential to enhance our day-to-day lives and on the go, a weekend away or a long-haul journey. From the imagination to reality, transition from space to emotional space without a great deal of stress. And let the slightly sweet, soft smokey, warm woody scent of Habitual Love follow you everywhere you go. 

Bergamot rind, tobacco leaf, vetiver root 

Oil based perfume blend, meaning there is no alcohol inside. Pure essential oils in a base of argan kernel oil*, jojoba seed oil*, pomegranate seed oil*, tamanu nut oil*, aroma (citral*°, limonene**). 
*certified organically grown
°ethically wildcrafted
**naturally occurring

Canada wide via Canada Post. Item will take approx five business days to ship.
You may email me within thirty days for a complete refund (minus shipping costs).

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