Giuseppe de Caria

A combinatorial creative born from the act of listening, looking and making. A certified coach and cosmetologist, second. Below, glimpses of my previous efforts – but not just.

Think Evolution Not Revolution
There are some 600,000 different jobs in the world and figuring which one was right for me was a task best examined through the eye of a monocle, for a view beyond the (medieval) horizon of receiving a noble calling, vocation. Instead, I received a diverse skill-set that widened my horizon – at least I believe so – that's well-rounded and deeper, made me a more sensitive and aware individual of the world than if I would've had a predictable life trajectory. It could also be the reason my growth has been a series of small steps and gradual alterations, not seismic.

In The Beginning, In The Middle, But Nowhere Near The End

My first job required I remain motionless or in motion. Move my body into awkward, uncomfortable and dramatic postures, alone or with others. Wear garments that covered my torso or very little of my torso. Smile, grimace or clench my jaw. Or summon a melancholic or suave or smart 'look'. It was in commercial fashion and the confluence of chance and circumstance was why it happened at the innocent age of 10, to then continue as casual work into my thirties.

Within that time and beyond it, I had humble jobs and received an advanced education but never completed a degree. Took life courses such as coaching to self-coach; to develop my emotional intelligence. Attended workshops on this and that to move forward with my efforts. Travelled, worked and lived abroad. Started a business and ended a business. Taught English in South East Asia. Co-ordinated everyday business affairs for a couple of quality spas and salons.





In 2011 I was invited to return to Toronto for a 4-year gig (and remained), to strengthen the presence of a passion-produced restaurant Black Skirt. An affinity in health and wellness swelled as well, with it a deeper understanding of food and formula, life and love, sex and sexuality and so much more. 



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Soap and Scent

In 2002, botanical tinctures and oils, beakers and droppers transformed my apartment into a cosmetic lab and warehouse. But before the bedlam, in 2001, I sought an education and apprenticeship in a skilled-trade – hairstyling and barbering – to receive the qualification and with it an extensive legal scope of practice to build a business in beauty and wellness. As part of a team, it was an alternative approach to develop and direct a product-focused skincare company Au79. It was stocked in select Canadian shops. It came to a full stop in 2007. 

The pursuit did identify my 'pleasure points' in many more areas, such as in the written word, drawing and design, and that mess is best when making art, especially when spinning the potters wheel, throwing clay.

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Observing Thoughts

In the summer of 2008, I obeyed the rule of silence, refrained from speech and actions that are harmful to myself and others, meditated for 10 hours, every day, beginning at 4am for 10 days at a Vipassana meditation centre far enough removed from the beat and bustle of the city. An advertisement in the local paper to learn to meditate and a psychic prompt nudged me to give it a try. A brave business past, a year in South East Asia and a return to the centre of Canada, Manitoba, could not had been a better time for an Eastern philosophic upgrade for a rethink of the mind – Om. 

To begin the Buddhist way of awakening my awareness, I relinquished my electronics to go forward with the fun – in quietude. I arose with a calm mind, loving the sunshine, rooted and refreshed. It was an experience of gratitude, discrimination and belonging and understanding of how service to others results in service to self – what it means to care and self-understand, be compassionate and communicate to alleviate problems.

A Wandering Eye 
Observing my days with a compassionate and aspiring eye, I learned to focus on the interestingness in everything and in everyone. I came to better understand we're all the same, except for our view of the world – what makes us unique from one another. Then my days became more about observing nature and art in the green and concrete spaces that make up our cities. Then in the well-considered design of our environments and in the products we use and enjoy every day; how it shapes and effects our psychology, moves our mood, like food, books, sex and art. (And good hand-stamped coffee.)

Pursuit of Purpose
My venturesome spirit has a part to play in this, as an offshoot of my evolution and to welcome you (what matters most), with a view coming in from my own becoming that captures the ideas I believe in. I hope you can use them in situations in your life, which is where ideas get used and are necessary. 

It will evolve and mature, to include intelligent articles for an interesting view on how to navigate our lives and other things. Wellness practices for better living every day, with products of my own design and from select partnerships with like-minded brands I believe in, that would enjoy a cooperative and collaborative business relationship.

Until we meet in person, I'd love for you to subscribe to my newsletter – so we can keep in touch. 

Giuseppe de Caria, RSE