About Giuseppe de Caria

I presently work alone. Almost like an artist or architect. But I don't do it all alone. Deep, focused, solitary work brings delight, rhythm and harmony to my body and mind. It also comes from the unexpected affinities with individuals on a similar creative path I’ve had the good fortune to meet and work with. These interactions, in a sincere and generous way, make room to explore and play and act on my intuition, which all collude to bring out the essence of my creative aim with nuance and nonconformity, as is my way. Because of this, I can design my products with careful attention to detail. Including, their presentation through the narrative lens of photographers poetic images, artist illustrations, and stories by yours truly, that you can see on this site. Together, I can provide an alternative solution for the care of the body and senses, along with a curious and creative view of the world around us. With the aim to clear the way for a memorable path, through deeper emotional experiences alone or through our personal interactions, for the good of everyone, that I believe fills the gap of living a mundane existence while we go about our days. Or, for days spent in pursuit of nothing at all. 

Photograph by Thomas Branconier - thomasbranconier.com

Purpose and process

As a creatively-run, body care company of one from Toronto, my fingerprints are on every level of making from conception to formulation to design and marketing. Everything is produced in-house. Also available are guides and articles that explore a creative, refreshing, slower-paced lifestyle for everyday moments and adventures within our own personal environment and the outside world too.

The Azores – the Atlantic ocean’s archipelago of nine volcano-born islands – is the epitome of remote. Sao MigueI (photo above) with a dramatic landscape and natural pools. If you're inspired to explore, travelling to this part of world will heighten your connection to Nature. 


I believe in the concept of simplicity and notion of utility, these provide a world of comfort and pleasure by avoiding the unnecessary, it's how I compose my formulations. And through the eyes (shapes and colours) and touch (tactile and texture) we get an emotional response, from the products we use, and in the spaces we live. These principles out of Architecture have many other relations through the convergence of different art forms, like in music, cinema, literature, dance, and more. They show the pressure, tension, stress and friction of life through the essence of their compositions, and in a sense, a way to extend the length and health of our life. Together, and alongside the persistent hum of possibilities and inspiration, that the beauty and joy of our relationships and surroundings bring, here exists the formula for self-care. It gives the feeling and finish our bodies are longing for throughout our days and nights. The following words, I believe, outlines my philosophy: beauty is in the sensations of the beholder. 

About this photo - titled '... or flight' - from the photographer Thomas Branconier. 'This was shot on film. The film process is intimate, manual and that comes through in the work sans-photoshop. Imperfections and mistakes in the images add honesty to the story. This helps in acceptance of the things we cannot change and embracing a deeper beauty that is inherently there.” ThomasBranconier.com

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