Giuseppe de Caria

A combinatorial creative born from the act of listening, looking and making. Perfume maker, bodycare formulator, storyteller, food seeker, design enthusiast. Below, glimpses of my previous efforts – but not just.

Think Evolution, Not Revolution

There are some 600,000 different jobs in the world and figuring which one was right for me was a task best examined through the eye of a monocle, for a view beyond the (medieval) horizon of receiving a noble calling, vocation. Instead, I received a diverse skill-set that widened my horizon – at least I believe so – that's well-rounded and deeper, made me a more sensitive and aware individual of the world than if I would've had a predictable life trajectory. It could also be the reason my growth has been a series of small steps and gradual alterations, not seismic.

Winnipeg Born, Living in Toronto
Coming to you as 'an observer of everyday life with a unique aesthetic sense'. It's here where I'll creatively express by the way of products for skin, scent, story, and in other inventive ways those observations, with hopes for it to be as stimulating as the drugs you take to alter your mood, like coffee, but in the right dosage.

But rather than just focusing on a tame and practical view of life, which are essential to keep us on our toes — as are the wild and pure that have a part to play in our story. Coming in from under my own becoming, some work I did in fashion, beauty, food, nutrition, and in other fields. Also, as part of a team that directed and developed a skincare company, Au79, with wonderful people, with experience in various things.

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On the Commercial Front
A plant-rich skin and scent line-up, collaborations, digital products and additional offerings. An example of a product in the works is a perfume, to take us to the distant past. (Because we romance the past, not only our futures). Plus an analogue or a digital guide for a fresh outlook on wellness, and slowing down. I'm always on the lookout for interesting wisdom with simple elements to rejuvenate a variety of interests and imagination. But ones composed with care, a creative eye and smart with insights are not an easy find. 

On the Horizon
Not only am I working on skin and scent formulations to nourish and lift our senses, but also fashioning a guide for a cozy go-to companion for our mood or story or lonely nights. On a focused topic, for those of you who want a perspective that's intriguing and intimate.

While the concept is nothing new, my take on it comes from experience, and borrowed from friends and fun. Mentors. Music. Philosophy. Photography. Religion and righteous art and more. Some of my go-to sources for wisdom and know-how on life and love. Sex. Sexuality. Food and formula, and so on.  

Company of One
There's been a lot of starting, stopping and restarting as I work on making this and that, to get this business off the ground. The time, cash, sweat, tears, and bleeding nicks from paper cuts have been and continues to be, worth it. Along with my deep fascination on how to go from development of my ideas and interests through to production, plus the logistics to share them in this electronic world. For it to flow to you along with everything naughty and nice on the Net.

But the best way to round off the electronic thrill ahead, is to provide a good-level of boredom. Like I am now. Because according to psychoanalyst Adam Philips and his kinky titled book Kisses, Tickles and Being Bored, it's essential for a full life. I happen to agree, especially with the kisses and tickles part.

Finally, for those both looking for something and waiting for something, maybe I can be that something different. Perhaps, as provocative (and unputdownable) as you are when you're at your best—messy and alive.

Very humbly,
Giuseppe de Caria


Here's a song from Jaimie Woon, Spirits. Music is a sure way, to change the ambiance when we can't change what's happening. Enjoy.