About Giuseppe de Caria

Seeing the world through scent

As a creatively-run, fragrance and body care company of one from Toronto, my fingerprints are on every level of making from conception to formulation to design and marketing. Everything is produced in-house. Also available are guides and articles that explore a creative, refreshing, slower-paced lifestyle for everyday moments and adventures within our own personal environment and the outside world too.

With a focus on fragrance and body care, I am strictly self-taught and presently work alone, almost like an artist (for form and feeling) or an architect (for form and function). And so far making progress with the release of Habitual Love body oil (its namesake fragrance is brewing), and its companion guide Ceremonial Escapades. Plus Asunaro Blue room spray was recently introduced, with more in the works. I also write about what I feel and notice and those feelings and noticings are showcased in two self-published books that are currently available in digital format, with print versions coming in the near future.
Aching Beauty was the initial book and it's about being the voice we'd miss if you weren't there, and comes with a self-narrated, first-rate audio book. The second is Divine Haliburton, an armchair traveller's guide via poetry, alongside sublime photography of Haliburton Highlands Ontario.

But the devil, infamously, is in the details, and why I don't do it all alone. Deep, focused, solitary work brings delight, rhythm and harmony to my body and mind. It also comes from the unexpected connections with individuals on a similar creative path I’ve had the good fortune to meet and work with. These interactions, in a sincere and generous way, make room to explore and play and act on my intuition, which all collude to bring out the essence of my creative aim with nuance and nonconformity, as is my way. Because of this, I can design my products with careful attention to detail. Including, their presentation through the narrative lens of photographers poetic images, artist illustrations, and stories by yours truly, that you can see on this site.

Everything I just said, plus, I'll try to provide an alternative solution for the care of the body and senses through the products I want to create. With the aim to help us feel something deeply and unexpected, to bring us back to rhythm with the natural environment, to admire and contemplate some natural elements so it removes us from the day-to-day of a man-made world. Along with that, a curious and creative view of the world around us. So we can try to clear the way for a memorable path, to unleash our creativity, and our imaginations, through deeper emotional experiences alone or through our own personal interactions, that I believe, fills the gap of living a mundane existence while we go about our days. Or, for days spent in pursuit of nothing at all. 

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