Written, published, edited, illustrated,
designed and recorded in Toronto. 


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ACHING BEAUTY was written with one goal in mind, to round out our everyday lives. It's a swift and entertaining read. I highlight the necessity to nourish our desires, express our emotions in creative ways, and to revel in the sounds that move us, now and tomorrow. What awaits are three short stories written in a friendly, chatty style, and never shouty. I’ve done my bit to argue that we need less ache in our lives, by recognizing the beauty right in front of us, where it’s been all this time, staring back, beckoning for some attention. This handbook will get you going –– frisky and free!

Illustrated front to back by Fine Artist, Francesco Gallé. He did a brilliant job of bringing my words to life with lively images made from ink and watercolours. Plus, the book was beautifully designed by Photographer, Charlyne Thorn for a visually, thrilling adventure. Edited by Poet, Katharine Beaton for word precision, meaning and flow.

By the way, those drawings by Francesco, sit alongside the stories I’ve written in a friendly, chatty style, at times lyrical, and dedicated to you — Sono Italiano; Big Brown Eyes Wide-Open; Bold, Blonde, A Beauty

Oh, hear, hear! The audio version was expertly recorded by Composer, Remy Perrin of WavePulse studios in Toronto to keep my vocal pace on point for easy listening and, to follow along. But wait till the presenentation reaches the convivial dedications section. That's where I lift off with a touch more enthusisam, soar, and then touch down for a fond farewell.  

Just one more thing. Whether you prefer an evening solo with a good book and fine bubbly, or listening to the audio version as you walk the streets, or over speakers with friends and family while knocking back a drink or two. This guide will encourage you to bring in the life in front of you with unforgettable, chuckles and cheer! 

Let's eat and drink to that!


Digital book:
53 pages, 46 colourful illustrations. 

Audio book:
38.42 minutes 

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Have a listen to this deep and resonating song by Jamie Woon, Dedication.