For your friends, lovers, and partners––for you

A companion guide for everyone who cares about where they focus, be it on moments of note or affection or celebration. Be the voice we'd miss if you weren't there. 

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Aching Beauty. The title highlights the life in front of us, beckoning for some attention, our ache for beauty. So we don't drown in bitterness, fury and sorrow from society's expectation for us to conform. But rather to turn our imaginations on and to look at life, and into the face of another person with, energy, compassion and curiosity.

What awaits you are uplifting
short stories

Written in a friendly, chatty style, and never shouty with parts of my experiences to get them rolling, richly illustrated with a few tips and takeaways. I argue for a better way forward, that we can design a creative, wild and pure life by nourishing our desires alongside being patient with our failings and follies. Simply, and by connecting our cravings for food, intimacy and music as therapy for our unresolved emotions. These stories divided into three sections will show the route to experiencing robust relationships, even with yourself, all that’s required is a low dose of courage.

What to expect, plus more

We start at the top with how making a simple dish can lift us out of a creative or emotional rut. Then we move down to the middle on ways to pick up the lost art of showing your adoration to someone. To then drop to the bottom and explore the elements required that harmonize family, food and fun, with the sounds and sensations that move us, to slow our pace in a hurried world. Rounding out the presentation with the gift of setting our sights on a sunny horizon.

Finishing with examples of friendly,
lively and enjoyable dedications
before you go.

To add a bit of pep in your step, while bringing others’ along for the ride. With the fine folk and shops I've had the privilege to experience, and work with. Who believe that it is the journey that matters, and not the destination. 

Go on, cure your ache for beauty nowWith the best of both worlds.

Aching Beauty. The Book & Audiobook

It's comfortable to curl up to on your own but even better with a friend, lover or partner, and features excellent audio quality. 

Features & details. Delivery & returns

Book features: 53 pages, 46 ink and watercolour illustrations, PDF download. Displays beautifully on any size smart phone, tablet or computer screen.
Audiobook features: 38.42 minutes, MP3 audio download. 
Written, published and narrated by: Giuseppe de Caria

Contributers: Illustrations by Francesco Gallé, book design by Charlyne Thorn, edited by Katharine Beaton, and audio engineered by Remy Perrin.
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