Giuseppe de Caria Skin Care

Plant-rich skin care formulations where never is one ingredient more important than the other. 
(Coming Soon)

It's been 10 plus years since I made skincare. Though, were it not for the labours of the many people I will probably never meet but effusively appreciate, from different lands, growing and cultivating botanicals in precious earth my feet may never feel. Working by hand and with new technologies that press and unleash the essence of plants, seeds and nuts, for the highest of healing. I would not have much to work with, to sensibly blend, what I consider, some of highest quality salve, soap and scent.

A formulation currently being tested is an all over body spray made with aloe vera plants scientifically selected and minerals, both trace and ultra-trace, magnesium rich, food-grade, topical nourishment. Coconut oil from Solomon Islands, an elite single origin raw food-grade product that's been hand-pressed for purity 90-minutes after husking the nut, is part of another blend for a moisturizer and cleanser.

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Photo of wild harvested and pressed medicinal tinctures from a 2013 workshop in the woods.