Sowing the seeds  

Coming soon. Limited-edition plant-rich bodycare and fragrance, where there never is one ingredient more important than the other. Plus, companion guides that explore a creative look at life. Below, what to expect and more. 
Photograph by Thomas Branconier 2016 Street Art Collection

Soil and sprout, bud and bloom

There’s a special kind of magic we have forgotten: the enchantment of life. The fascinating flash process of becoming alive—from conception to our first breath, to maturity, and finally, our very last breath. The same charming, refreshing beats birth a plant and an animal. Harmonizing their hearts and their soil to flower, reproduce, and give us nourishment. The food and remedies we make for how we’re feeling and keeping them central to our lives. So we’re never longing. Our bodies are grateful because they got time. We kept them satisfied til the end because of another life.

More art than science with utility in mind

This top-to-toe approach to nourish our bodies also nourishes our minds and moods, and is the very same process and intention it takes to make plant-rich bodycare and fragrance for your days and nights, along with the people, pets and settings that matter most to you. Including the companion guide I authored Aching Beauty, with more on the way, enhanced by the artists I work with who capture the unseen beauty. They make it possible to bring you products and books that offer a creative look at life—and these are not an easy find.

Join me in experiencing this refreshing, slower-paced lifestyle

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