Introducing in harmony with beauty (a fresh article).
Plus, photographer Thomas Branconier from Montreal.

For devotees of photography 
Photograph titled "... or flight"

Hi, I know it's been a while since I emailed, but back now to introduce this photo, the photographer, and a fresh article, with more on the way.

The image above is by photographer Thomas Branconier and featured on, greeting you with a rhythmic signal to come in closer with eyes-wide open to explore a different viewpoint. I was captured as if by magic from this image, and why it’s also the opener to a fresh article: In harmony with beauty––explore a refreshing beat; do things a little differently––800 words on the front page (not 100 words on the back page), no name, birth date/time or next of kin to enter, for free. Go on, browse over on your desktop to see a larger version of the photo, and read on now. I hope you enjoy it.

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For the curious

Introducing Photographer Thomas Branconier who is originally from Winnipeg but now calling Montreal is home. I reached out to him with this question: How (and why) did you capture the image (top of page) titled "... or flight"? Below, his detailed response.

“This was shot on film––Fstop f8 and shutter speed 1/60, ISO 400. This photo was taken during a discovery period. I was studying photography in college. We had an assignment to prepare a presentation on a known photographer and my group decided on Diane Arbus. She was unknown to me but I was instantly fascinated, and this project lead me on a years-long exploration of the film process and artists who have used it historically. 

My admiration of her process, her tools, the relationship with her subjects and body of work had me seeking deeper connection to my subjects, and the medium. The film process is intimate, manual and that comes through in the work sans-photoshop. Imperfections and mistakes in the images add honesty to the story. This helps in acceptance of the things we cannot change and embracing a deeper beauty that is inherently there.” / @thomasbranconier 

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