Aching Beauty, is my gift to you for subscribing to

It's a swift and entertaining read, and even while knocking back a drink or two celebrating with friends and family. A present that’ll get you going into the year ahead — frisky and free! 

The handbook was illustrated front to back by Francesco Gallé,
Fine Artist. He did a brilliant job of enhancing the book with images using ink and watercolours. Plus, the book was beautifully designed by Charlyne Thorn, Photographer. And professionally edited by Katharine Beaton, Poet. 

Those drawings sit alongside the three short stories I’ve written in a friendly, chatty style, at times lyrical, and dedicated to you — Sono Italiano; Big Brown Eyes Wide-Open; Bold, Blonde, A Beauty

Whether you prefer to enjoy an evening solo with a good book and fine bubbly, or with friends and family enjoing a feast around the table. This book will encourage you to bring in the life in front of you with, unforgettable kisses and tickles, chuckles and cheer!

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Have a listen to this deep and resonating song by Jamie Woon, Dedication.