Conversations with the artists behind
Aching Beauty. The Book & Audiobook.

Let's meet the artists

It's a sunny, warm and breezy Sunday morning here in Toronto. I felt the air push against my skin, and through my wild, wavy hair to mimic the sway of leafy trees, while I biked the streets in my neighbourhood towards a local coffee shop. But there's also a hum of possiblities coming from the people that help in a certain kind of way, in their own unique way. So it's hard not to buzz back, and announce who they are. Because they demonstrate that, far from thinking about beauty too much, we haven't begun to think about it as deeply as we should.

These artists I'm about to introduce, were not only gracious with their time, but handled my insecurities (the major consequence of this feeling, made me appreciate them even more), emotions and creative insights with great care and empathy, while showing me a better way of presenting Aching Beauty. By highlighting my words with colourful and whimsical illustrations, harmonious design, clear meaning and resonating sound, to display the unseen beauty through their eyes. Complementing the stories on food and love and music, and the often overlooked connection and communion they give, to explore our emotional reality. In the end, we made a book that was unexpected, generous and original, with more on the way.

Here they are, Francesco Gallé (top right), Charlyne Thorn (top left), Katharine Beaton (bottom left), Remy Perrin (bottom right). These are fine folk that enhanced Aching Beauty, without them, the book and audiobook wouldn't be a delight to read or a quality listening experience.

I'd like you to start with meeting Fine Artist Gallé, whose illustrations paint the pages of the book, creating a book of art. And then meet Photographer Thorn, who framed the words and images transforming it into an artbook. Next, meet Poet and Editor Beaton who polished my words for a smooth read. To finish with Composer and Sound Engineer Perrin, who tuned into the book for an easy listening experience. These conversations can be found under the read section at The Librarymy digital reading room, where intimacy, pleasure and creativty are the goals. Go on, cure your curiosity and browse over. Meet Francesco Gallé

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