The heart of everything and anything

Seasonal rituals, any time, any place.

At the close of summer, satisfaction does not seem like the most logical way to feel, but what is logical about feeling? Hearing that from me, an Italian, may not seem to unusual, since emoting is what Italians do best, even when we would normally feel melancholy right about now, as we transition from warmer to cooler weather.

In my most recent trip to Haliburton County which borders Algonquin Provincial Park. I could sense the autumn upgrade. I can hear, feel and smell the season shift. Summer is when we see the bones of trees fill out with leaves. And see the landscape bud and bloom with wild flowers and vibrant-green undergrowth. Autumn is when we can feel and smell the decay beneath our feet, among the sounds of crunching branches and leaves, and chatter and cheer of seasonal social mixing in the months ahead. 

This includes summer/winter solstice and spring/autumn equinox. These festive ceremonies are at the heart of anything and everything like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Including events like new births and birthdays that, we can celebrate any time, any place.

A sure way to celebrate the seasonal rituals fast approaching is for your friends, lovers, and partners––for you, to tune in to Aching Beauty. The book and audiobook. A companion guide for everyone who cares about where they focus, be it on moments of note or affection or celebration. Be the voice we'd miss if you weren't there. Go on, cure your ache for beauty, and enjoy the best of both worlds. 

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