Current Vacancies

I'm on the look out for expert counsel on creating meticulous formulations of whole-plant bodycare and fragrance. 

You will need an impeccable background in your field, the heart of a teacher, an adaptable skillset and the ability to deliver extensve product knowledge. Equally important is your attention to detail, creative and commercial attitude and ability to work in a team.

If this sounds like you and interested in working with someone that's determinedly creative, puts their whole heart and intellect into everything they do, appreciate deadlines, and have the experience in one or more of the skilled professions listed below, please send me a copy of your CV and a cover letter. Plus, list completed projects and experience, since this matters more to me than your qualifications.

Proficiency in English is essential and knowledge of an additional language would be an advantage.

$35.00 - $39.00 per hour

Trained in traditional plant-based healing.

Experience in the medicinal properties of plants.

Natural Cosmetic Chemist 
Practice must be current seeing that in the last 5 years natural cosmetic formulations have changed considerably to align with consumer awareness on what works and are safe.

If you're a graduate student of Herbalist Michael Vertoli I would be very interested in your work.


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